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How a simple practice of gratitude transformed my life

    How would it change your life?

    Ever had one of those “aha!” moments that completely change your perspective on life? That’s exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon the transformative power of gratitude. Initially, it seemed like just another self-help buzzword. But as I delved deeper, it reshaped my perception of my everyday experiences.

    Diving In: My Steps for a Daily Gratefulness Routine

    When I began, I had no guidebook, but over time, I established a routine that brought solace:

    Choosing My Quiet Time: Evenings felt perfect. In the quietness of the evening, I found a serene moment just for gratitude. It helped me also to unwind and get ready for bed.

    Breathing to Relax: I would start with some calming breaths. Letting my pelvis get heavy, my skin relax. The world seemed to pause, just for a bit.

    Picking Out My Three Moments: Whether it was a stranger’s smile or a loved one’s embrace, I cherished these moments.

    Journaling My Thoughts: I began noting down these moments, and the act itself felt therapeutic.

    Concluding My Practice: Silently, I’d express my thanks for these moments and appreciate my own journey.

    Sharing My Gratitude: Occasionally, I’d tell a friend or family member about my grateful moments, and their smiles added to my joy.

    My Understanding of Gratefulness

    My voyage into gratitude wasn’t just about counting blessings. It was about feeling a profound sense of contentment. Unlike fleeting happiness that came with a new purchase, this was lasting. It was deeper, richer, and more fulfilling.

    Being the curious cat that I am, I delved into research. Turns out, numerous studies have shown that gratitude positively impacts mental health, fosters resilience, and even boosts immunity! It was reassuring to know that my personal experiences had scientific backup.

    The Gifts Gratitude Brought into My Life

    Over time, I noticed shifts in my life:

    • I felt closer to my loved ones, valuing our shared moments.
    • Stressful situations, like the bouts of anxiety after my postpartum phase, didn’t ruffle me as easily; gratitude became my emotional anchor.
    • I began seeing the silver lining, even on cloudy days.
    • When I went through menopause, with its waves of mood swings, gratitude became a grounding force. It helped me focus on the beauty of transition rather than the temporary discomforts.

    Challenges and Lessons Along the Way

    Of course, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. There were days when life tested me, and finding a grateful moment seemed impossible. During the sleepless nights after childbirth, gratitude helped me cherish the small moments – like the soft cooing of my baby or a rare moment of rest. On days when menopause symptoms were particularly harsh, gratitude reminded me of the strength and resilience of womanhood. It taught me that gratitude isn’t about denying the storm but about finding beauty in raindrops.

    Personal Stories of Transformation

    There was the time when I had my baby daughter and she was struggling with asthma and allergies, where I was looking for natural help and cleaning our house from toxins,  when a simple “You’re doing great, mama” from our family doctor filled my entire week with warmth.

    There was that evening, after a particularly challenging day of hot flashes, when a serene sunset put everything into perspective. The sky had a color like an apricot. These instances, amidst life’s hormonal roller coasters, reinforced my faith in gratitude.

    How about you

    Will you give it a try? I invite you to give gratitude a go. Let it touch your life, as it did mine. Even if you start small, with a single moment of thankfulness a day, you’ll soon see its magic unfold. Embrace the journey, for it promises to be a heartwarming one.

    There’s a glimpse into my life, painted with the vibrant colors of gratitude. I hope it sparks a flame in you to embark on your very own gratitude journey. Remember, every moment of thankfulness adds a little more light to the world.


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