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7 Foods That Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

    Are you wondering what you can possibly stomach when you’re dealing with the unpleasant symptoms of queasiness in the early parts of your pregnancy?

    I’ll share with you now the seven best foods to eat if you’re experiencing morning sickness. A pregnancy diet that’s high in protein and complex carbohydrates is not only good for your baby, it can also help keep your nausea at bay. Think whole grain toast and peanut butter or crackers. Have them at your side and nibble on them so your stomach does not become empty and you feel hunger. Steer clear of greasy and processed fast foods which are hard to digest and can make morning sickness actually worse.

    So how can you help the situation? Are you wondering what foods to eat for morning sickness? A few of the best foods when you’re nauseous and vomiting during pregnancy include:

    1. Bland & Easy to Digest Solids

    Bananas, Toast, Rice, Pretzels, apples, applesauce are relatively palatable foods and can help you fit in the calories you need.

    2. Almond Milk

    A glass of cold almond milk has been touted to help settle and upset stomach and help with your heartburn.

    3. Soups, Smoothies and Shakes

    It’s often easier to drink your vitamins and nutrients, especially if your liquids are cooler if you like them that way. If you can’t stand water, try sucking on a fruit juice popsicle for extra hydration.

    4. Carbonated Drinks & Herbal Teas

    Get enough fluids is really super important than eating early on in pregnancy. You want to make sure you’re not dehydrated, you might find. Some teas. Some herbal teas that are safe for the pregnancy, especially with lemon and ginger. Helpful when it comes to easing your nausea. If you’re drinking and eating at the same time and this is straining your digestive tract, try to sip your fluids before your meals and separate the fluids from the actual eating part of your meal.

    5. Fruits and Vegetables that are Highly Packed With Water

    If fluids are making you queasy, try eating solid foods with high water content. For instance, melons or celery – these are both high in water content.

    6. Ginger

    Numerous studies have shown that ginger really does reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. You may even find that the smell of fresh ginger calms an upset stomach. So make sure ginger is in your cabinet. You can have ginger snaps, ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger biscuits, or even the crystallized ginger candies and try to go sugar free with those and then use fresh ginger when you’re cooking. You can put this in soups stir fries. I like to add them if I’m making some fruit for my crepes, I’ll add in a little bit of chopped ginger and I love to add it to other vegetable juices.

    7. Citrus Fruits

    Many people find that just the smell and taste of lemons and oranges comforting during pregnancy.

    I hope you found this informative and learned some tips that you can take if you’re experiencing morning sickness. If you’re feeling nauseous or know someone experiencing morning sickness too, make sure to share these tips with them.

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