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Bleeding During Pregnancy: What Can It Mean?

    Did you know that 1 of 4 of all pregnant women have some bleeding or spotting during their pregnancy?

    Bleeding during pregnancy can have a variety of causes and maybe nothing to worry about. Spotting during the first trimester can be quite common and some bleeding can still happen after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    Now why does this generally happen?

    Sometimes there’s no obvious reason for this, but causes could include cervical ectropion, having an infection, placenta praevia, early labor, or placental abruption.

    What can you do if you’re experiencing this?

    Make sure you monitor your blood loss by wearing light-colored panties or using panty liners and keeping note of when you bleed and how much. Then you’ll also need to contact your midwife or doctor and discuss any type of bleeding to assess or determine if you need any further assessment.

    Spotting during the first trimester and after intercourse can be common, but seek advice if the bleeding becomes more than spotting or is accompanied by pain. Any heavier loss of fresh, watery blood with or without pain should be investigated as soon as possible. If your loss is very heavy or you feel very unwell, make sure you call an ambulance.

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