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How Vaginal Discharge Changes During Pregnancy

    Understanding vaginal discharge changes can help expectant mothers feel more confident and informed about their pregnancy journey.

    Is it normal to have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy? Increased levels of hormones like progesterone can also make you produce more fluid.

    So why does this happen? This helps prevent any infections traveling up the vagina to the womb. So first of all, discharge is mostly a healthy symptom and helps wash harmful bacteria out of the vagina. It is increased during pregnancy as your body is even more keen to protect itself from infection.

    Normal discharge is clear or milky colored with a distinct but not unpleasant odor. You’ll often simply find it on your underwear or on your pad as a whitish stain. It should not be accompanied by any other concerning symptoms.

    So what can you do? The top tip to prevent irritation is avoid underwear made of synthetic material and if you choose to use panty liners, opt for fragrance free or cloth ones when to contact your midwife or doctor if your discharge changes color to brown, green, bloody, or even gray.

    If it becomes offensive or change its smell, changes its consistency, becomes really thick or lumpy, or is suddenly very watery, or is accompanied by pain to your lower abdomen, pelvis or vulva or vagina, any of these symptoms should you should consult your doctor or midwife and let them check into it.

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