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4 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

    Can I do physical therapy while I’m pregnant?

    Yes! Pregnancy is one of the most intense changes that occur in the body during that hormone changes, the structure of your body adjusts. And physical demands increase. All of this can leave one struggling with pain and discomfort. In some situations it may even lead to injuries. Physical therapy is a natural Safeway to improve the function of your body and help relieve pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

    What are the benefits of physical therapy while pregnant? First -pain reduction. Physical therapy can help muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other components of the body to function as they were designed. This may help to reduce the pain sensations that travel from the area of concern to the brain. For those with pain in any form, pregnancy physical therapy can help to soothe those aches without the use of medication.

    Secondly – adjustments to daily life. During pregnancy, the growth of the baby can cause a wide range of changes in a person’s daily life. New areas may be experiencing stress and strain. You may be having trouble accomplishing tasks at home. As you used to as a result of your growing baby, you also have to accommodate for the sudden movement of the child. Physical therapy may help to reduce some of the discomfort that comes from doing these things differently.

    Third – improving labour and delivery. When the time comes for labor and delivery, you’ll need all of the strength possible for your delivery. Taking part in physical therapy prior to labor and delivery gives you the chance to increase strength. And practice techniques that make the process smoother. Often, PT’s focus on improving abdominal muscles, the hips, and the back, all with the goal of ensuring your body has all that needs to deliver your child. Your PT can also help you prepare for what’s to come.

    Fourth – fluid retention for women that struggle with fluid retention during the pregnancy. Physical therapy may offer some help. It can help to reduce lymphedema through the use of compression and massage techniques. This is very safe and it can help you have an easier time throughout the pregnancy. In addition to these areas, physical therapy may be able to offer very specialized treatments of areas of concern.

    So if you have any other medical conditions, PT’s can help you better manage your symptoms. I’ve also made many videos on ways that can help you during your pregnancy, including yoga, breathing, and videos for lymphedema and more.

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