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Here’s Why You Should See A Pelvic Floor Therapist During Pregnancy

    Why would I need a pelvic floor PT for my prenatal and postnatal care when I already have an OBGYN that I go to?

    I often get asked this question. So first of all, what’s the difference? And OBGYN is usually the 1st doctor people think of when it comes to prenatal care, delivery and the postpartum journey. However, they usually aren’t trained to address the musculoskeletal implications like PT’s are.

    A pelvic floor physical therapist is more apt to treat your pains and discomforts. If you’re pregnant, just gave birth, or just have any pelvic pains that might be also causing your abdomen, back, or hips to have pain.

    So what can you do? It’s important to know not all OB Gyn’s will know when to refer a patient to a pelvic floor physical therapist, so which is why you need to ask for a referral from your physician or. If your OBGYN doesn’t give you a referral, you can always go straight to the PT yourself and often times you can get a free consultation.

    Pelvic floor physical therapy is an important preventative health therapy, especially while pregnant. Nobody deserves to be in pain, especially while you’re pregnant and the best way to help is to prevent pain or conditions from arising in the first place and further complications from happening. So here’s to healthy pelvic floors and tearing down the stigma that often surrounds women’s health issues down there.

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