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Align Your Spine For Your Pelvic Floor

    This is a short article on how to align your spine and pelvis while doing the exercises. When your body is optimally aligned, flow is enhanced, blood flow, lymphatic flow, breath flow, and energy. When your spine is aligned with its natural curves, your discs are less prone to injury.

    When seated on the floor, elevate with a cushion if necessary. If your knees are higher than the crust of your pelvis, rotate your thighs in back and apart and feel both sitting bones evenly on your. This action will create a slight tipping forward of your pelvis to create a curve in the lumbar or low back, which is the natural shape of our spine. Then the spine is rising through the crown.

    Looking forward at the eye level ensures your neck is not flat and you create a curve in the cervical spine. You can do the same. Seated in a chair when you’re seated in the edge of a chair. Do not lean back and slump. Rotate your thighs rise up through your crown.

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