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Here’s The #1 Thing NOT To Put In Your Vagina

    Listen up ladies, you want to hear this! Did you know that coconut oil used topically can actually upset the pH balance of your vagina and cause some major problems?

    That being said, it’s important to know that the vagina has a delicate balance of good bacteria and acidity which helps to protect against infections using coconut oil as a moisturizer or lubricant. And as often as many women do, can disrupt this balance and potentially lead to infections or irritation.

    The optimal labia, which is the external vaginal tissue, its pH range is 4.5 to 5.5 and is higher than the optimal vaginal pH. The reason is that our labial skin, like the rest of the skin in our bodies, has a protective acid mantle that provides a barrier against the wrong bacteria and subsequent infection. Studies show that a pH of the skin, including labial skin that is under 5, keeps the existing good bacteria flora attached to the skin. And once the pH of your skin rises, these good bacteria detach and that’s the problem.

    So knowing that we want our labial skin involved to be slightly more acidic than our skin and more basic than the inside of our vagina, what is one thing we can know to help with the balance of the bacteria? Don’t use coconut oil.

    If you’re using coconut oil as a lubricant or moisturizer, keep in mind that the coconut oil has a pH of seven or eight. It feels great on the skin, but it’s not a long term solution for the genital tract and it can erode that protective acid mantle over the long term.