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Can Swimming Wreak Havoc On Your Vagina?

    Don’t we all love to swim? After all, there’s no other exercise that’s fun and helps you stay in shape all year round like swimming! But have you ever experienced anything weird in your vagina after a dip in the pool, such as itching or dryness? If you’re wondering whether swimming is bad for your vagina, the answer, unfortunately, is yes.

    The main reason swimming is bad for your vagina is because of the chemical chlorine. Since the water in swimming pools is a breeding ground for bacteria, chlorine is used for cleaning. Chlorine can be helpful because it kills ALL the bacteria present in the water. However, not all bacteria are bad! As we know, our vagina has good bacteria that helps in keeping it healthy. But whenever you enter a pool, the chlorine also kills the good bacteria and disturbs the pH balance of your vagina.  

    Unfortunately, chlorine can affect your vagina in certain ways, and cause the following infections:

    1. Yeast infections

    Chlorine affects the pH balance of your vagina, and as a result, increases the chances of fungus to grow. This can ultimately lead to yeast infections.

    2. Inflammation

    Chlorine also causes inflammation, as it disrupts the normal pH balance of your vagina. It may also cause allergic reactions in the vagina that makes it swollen or itchy.

    3. Bacterial vaginosis

    This infection can make the vaginal area incredibly itchy, and is accompanied by smelly vaginal discharge. Bacterial vaginosis can also cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Plus, the discharge coming out of your vagina can also cause other skin problems down there.

    4. Vulvitis

    Did you know that chlorine affects the external area of the vagina as well? You can feel a burning or itching sensation on the skin of your vulva, if it becomes too sensitive to chlorine.

    Now you are probably wondering what you can do to avoid infections this summer! Luckily, we have some pre and post vaginal care tips to avoid discomfort, pH imbalance, and bacterial infections: 

    1. Don’t hang out in wet or damp clothes

    When you go swimming, change out of your wet bathing suit as soon as possible. The wet environment creates a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infections.

    2. Wear breathable clothing

    One of the best things you can do for your vaginal health is to wear breathable clothing. Choose fabrics that won’t trap moisture.

    3. Check ingredients in your intimate products

    Apply a 100% all natural, water-free, and ph-optimized topical moisturizer specifically formulate for the labia and vagina. Make sure any of the intimate products you use like lubricants, moisturizers, or hygiene items don’t contain dirty ingredients that can cause irritation or infection.

    If you love 100% natural products just as much as we do at Damiva, make sure to take a look at Cleo, the first 100% all natural labial moisturizer.

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