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5 Changes That Happen To Your Vagina During Menopause

    Hey ladies, here are some changes that happen to your vagina during menopause.

    The first change women often experience is dryness. Dryness happens because of the decrease of estrogen during this transition of your life.

    Then there is thinning of the tissue. So also with the decrease in estrogen, you’ll notice that the lining of the vagina can become thinner, just like our skin becomes thinner. The same thing is happening down there and with this thinning we’re more apt to get these micro tears in the vagina. And so if you get any tearing, there could be some bleeding and also infection.

    Women can also experience reduced elasticity. You may notice on your exterior skin as we’re aging, the skin is becoming less elastic and sagging and more wrinkly. And so you know, we get this atrophy of the tissue and the same thing is happening with your vagina.

    The fourth change is an increase in infections. Infections can increase because of these symptoms that we’re having. For instance, the vagina becomes more, the pH becomes higher in the vagina and the vagina is less acidic so it makes us more prone to infections. Also we have increased itching and as I said infection with all of these changes happening.

    The last change that women can experience is of course pain during intercourse. Intercourse can become very painful when we have these major changes and fluctuation of hormones. As well, when women don’t have intercourse or other sexual activity on a regular basis during menopause, the vagina can also become shorter and narrower. So then, when she does try to have intercourse, pain is more likely to be experienced, even with lubrication.

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