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Meditation To Cultivate Peace

    This meditation is to cultivate more peace and to unfold your full potential in your life. Peacefulness in a challenging situation can help us unfold our full potential. Sometimes when we’re faced with the difficult situation, a challenge, a time pressure, our head may start to. and we may feel anxious and even panicky.

    We might feel completely unable to respond to the situation and get stuck and even shut down whenever this happens. Pause, breathe. Do not rush and breathe again. This will have a calming. and some idea of how to respond to this situation will come.

    Take a comfortable seat, close your eyes, turn inwards to your breath. Let your breath flow naturally and envision a peaceful ocean with calm ocean waves rolling over the ocean and the calm sound they.

    And with a peaceful feeling from that, settle your pelvis, soften your skin. Notice whether these actions give you a more peaceful feeling and calm. Now make the waves of your breath audible by starting ujayi breath, that has a soft tone in the throat as if you’re a whispering. Listen to the waves of your breath. Exhale, settle your pelvis one more time and release any tension wherever you are in your life. Whenever you feel challenged. Turn to your breath and check. Is your skin soft or tense? Is your pelvis settled? Can you feel your feet on the earth? Then settle your pelvis.

    This is a meditation. You can practice wherever you are to gain more peace and to ultimately unfold your full potential in your life now. So relax your concentration, gently open your eyes.

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