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Tantra Meditation

    Welcome to this meditation. Make sure you’re seated in a comfortable position where you can relax your body. This can be seated on a cushion, cross-legged on the floor, or on the edge of your chair with your feet hip width distance placed on the earth.

    Now settle your pelvis.

    Close your eyes.

    Soften your skin.

    Let go of any tension.


    Let your breath relax your face.

    Feel the space between your eyebrows get wider.

    Release your jaw.

    Release your shoulders.

    Inhale, let your inner body get spacious and bright, lengthen all the way up your spine to your. Exhale, let go of any restrictions, any limitations, any labels. Notice now if your breath has more freedom and space to let each breath create more space. Now bring awareness to that part of you that hasn’t changed in all your. The part of you that’s exactly the same as far back as you can remember, the simple feeling of being you so much deeper than all the ideas of yourself.

    Rest here in this place for a moment. If your energy rises into a thought, simply notice the thought and let it pass. In meditation, your own thoughts eventually become like wind. You don’t fixate on wind. The mind is usually determining who we are, what we think, and what we do in tan. The mind is not in your face. It is not dominant. The mind is one possible expression of our being. Suffering happens when the mind constitutes who you are. Mind contents don’t tell us of the nature of our. And we can easily get caught in the game of fixing ourselves. Right now, we wake up from the notion of what your mind is telling you, who you are, and slowly sink back into the sweet ground of your being. Nothing to. no one to be. You already are.

    In this way, we allow our mind to adopt its proper place, from this place of centeredness. Without judging, feel sensations of your body: the air on your skin, the sounds in the room, the sounds in the distance.

    The smell of the earth perceive everything in your sphere of awareness from that place of centeredness. That place that smiles at everything exactly the way it is, gently lower your chin towards your chest. Begin to open your eyes slowly, consciously, gaze with half open eyes, and see your own body as manifest form of this simple sweet being.

    Everything around. Sweetly being exactly what it is. In this way, our body is another facet of our mind.

    Now bring your hands to your heart.

    Offer blessings to your teachers.

    We invite these teachings to come alive in us

    With gratitude, bow toward your heart.

    Release your hands to your knee.

    Thank you for joining us.

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