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The Top 10 Reasons Your Baby Cries At Night

    Being a new parent is not an easy job. And it’s easier said than done sometimes, to not get stressed if your baby cries at night. It may be your baby telling you that they want to be with you, or, it may also be for other reasons! 

    So, let’s take a look at why babies cry more at night, and what you can do about it. 

    1. Baby Is Hungry

    The first reason why your baby usually cries is when they are hungry. There are some subtle hints – if you see your baby is lip-smacking, fussing, and trying to reach out to you, the message is most likely “I am hungry”.

    1. Baby Has Stomach Problems

    When you see that your baby is crying for a very long time and is not going to shush anytime soon, then your baby may be experiencing stomach problems due to gas. The most common sign is that the baby starts crying right after being fed or crying continuously for many hours. 

    1. Baby Wants To Sleep

    Usually when babies are tired, they go to sleep. But there can be a situation when the baby starts fussing even more. At that time, understand that they want to sleep. So, gently hush them by talking in a soft and gentle voice. 

    1. Baby Is Craving Touch And Wants To Be Held

    Generally, babies crave their parent’s touch. They want to be held and cuddled. A scientific fact is that they adore your faces and voices. They are even able to detect your unique smell. So whenever you see your baby crying, try to hold them close to you.

    1. Baby Needs A Diaper Change

    Babies can also cry in the middle of the night to let you know right away that their diaper needs to be changed. Some babies can tolerate a dirty diaper but some don’t. So this could be why your baby is up crying at night. 

    1. Baby Is Feeling To Hot or To Cold

    One of the main reasons why babies cry is that they are feeling too hot or cold. When the baby feel a sudden temperature change, their first instinct is to cry out loud. 

    1. Baby Needs To Burp 

    Usually, babies burp right after being fed. But if you know that your baby hasn’t burped after the feeding and starts crying, then it’s time for a burp. This will make your baby much more comfortable and they will instantly stop crying.

    1. Baby Has Teething Pain 

    When you see your baby fussing because of teething pain, try a gentle warm water bath. This way your baby will get distracted and eventually forget about the pain. This may make the crying stop. You can also use a baby teethers to help with the pain. Just make sure they are non-toxic.

    1. Baby Is Not Feeling Well                                                  

    Sometimes babies don’t feel well. They will cry over small things. Let them. Try to deal with the situation as calmly as possible. Use soft and gentle sounds. This may help make them stop crying.

    1. Baby’s Skin Is Irritated 

    One often overlooked reason why baby might be crying is that their skin is irritated. This could be due to a change in their skin’s pH levels from the overuse of water-based topical products. Another reason is that  their skin could be reacting to the chemical preservatives in water-based topical products, causing itchy rashes, dry, flaking skin, and other uncomfortable skin changes.

    Use only safe, water-free, baby care product that are ph balanced for your baby’s skin. Products with water are full of chemicals. And we know what chemicals do to your babies skin.

    So, those are the top 10 reasons why a baby cries at night. Knowing these reasons can be a life saver, and a night saver!

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