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Bioidentical Hormones: Are They Safe?

    What are bioidentical hormones and are they safe?

    Bioidentical hormones are processed hormones designed to mimic the hormones made by your body’s glands, and they’re the closest to the body’s natural hormone chemical structure. Although there’s a tendency to think of bioidentical hormones as all natural, they, like synthetic hormones, are also manufactured in a laboratory.

    So how can they help? Taking bioidentical hormones can help people who experience symptoms of low or unbalanced hormones. This is often the case when people experience symptoms of perimenopause or menopause. Some things I’d recommend is finding a trusted compounding pharmacy. If you’re going to do bioidenticals because they’re not regulated by the FDA, do your research.

    Get your hormones tested, because your program of taking the bioidenticals may not be the same as the woman you know who’s going through perimenopause as well. So it’s really individual to you. See what works for you. And you know, it may be wise to read more, discuss a little bit, learn a little bit more from your healthcare professional. Just really try what I found really helpful was trying for myself what worked and what didn’t work.

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