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Can IVF Bring On Early Menopause?

    I’ve been asked this question if IVF can contribute to early menopause.

    So there’s a general misconception out there that because fertility drugs stimulate the ovaries to mature and release 10 to 15 eggs instead of one egg during a body’s natural ovulation, this may lead to some sort of running out of eggs early.

    What actually happens in a normal cycle, your body produces 10 to 20 egg follicles each month. As the cycle progresses, one of these follicles will become dominant and fully mature to produce the egg that will be released that month. The rest of the immature eggs will be lost. Fertility drugs work by stimulating the follicles that your body has already produced so that more of them come to maturity.

    This ovarian stimulation simply utilizes more of the eggs that would normally have been lost in that menstrual cycle. It does not in any way deplete your natural egg supply. So the answer is no, fertility drugs and IVF do not bring on early menopause. There’s a lot of things you can do to optimize your health and give yourself the best chance of achieving your goal. A healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby.

    For instance, you can clean up your diet and really, really start to take care of yourself through what you’re ingesting, what foods and and beverages you’re putting in your body. We want to have as many natural foods with their enzymes and nutrient content, and really, that helps big time exercise. You want to make sure that you’re exercising regularly, oxygenating all the cells in your body. And moving because circulation is good. Circulation is good for the energy to flow in the blood flow and for conception.

    Cut out the chemicals. Chemicals are hormone disruptors and they’re found so pervasively around us. We’re ingesting them and they’re we’re putting them on our skin. So we want to make sure you cut out all your chemicals. So this will really help increase your chances of conceiving. Cut out alcohol and quit smoking. These are two big ones. We want to also reduce any stress and anxiety, make sure that you’re getting great sleep and all of these ways will just help you prioritize your health and when you’re starting your IVF treatment and really come to your healthiest self to make this all possible.

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