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Can You Improve Scar Tissue After Birth?

    Can I improve my scar tissue after birth?

    So if you’ve given birth, you may have scar tissue from a C section, episiotomy scar, or scarring from a  1st-3rd degree tear. Scar tissue causes fascial restriction, which means it can adhere to the surrounding soft tissue and organs. This will often cause pain, poor extensibility, and decreased strength in the area.

    What can you do? Actually, back in the day, I had an episiotomy, and a tear, as i birthed my daughter. Nobody told me what I should do about the subsequent stitching and healing of the tear. 

    Today I would recommend seeing a pelvic physical therapist! Physical therapy can help with scar tissue mobility for C-section scar, episiotomy scar, or scarring from a 1st-3rd degree tear. 

    You should wait until 6 weeks postpartum to start massaging or mobilizing your scar tissue. I would also recommend using a chemical free, all natural lubricant or moisturizer.  You do not want to use something that’s going to distrupt your hormones when it’s absorbed through your skin. Or something that will change the sensitive pH balance of your genitilia.

    One way to know if your moisturizer is chemical free, is that it contains no water. When water is added to a product, chemicals are needed to preserve the product from bacteria that will form in the water and spoil the product.

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