Damiva has several patents on chemical-free and 100% natural skin care and fem care products. Maine is the first state to ban 9,000 toxic "forever chemicals."
Chia Chia Sun, CEO of Damiva, supports the groundbreaking legislation by the state of Maine that will eliminate toxic “forever chemicals” by 2030. “It reaffirms our approach,” Sun says, “which is to develop 100% natural skin and feminine care products that are water-free, chemical-free and available to all women.” It was the discovery of “forever chemicals” in the milk of dairy cows in Maine that prompted state legislators to ban 9,000 toxic chemical compounds including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that are very persistent in the body and environment. Cows were eating hay and drinking water that contained high levels of PFAS that had leached from waste water treatment plants. PFAS and their by-products are known to cause metabolism problem, cancer and low birth weight. By 2023, companies in Maine will be required to report the presence of PFAS and other chemicals in their products and by 2030, a full ban will be in effect. “Forever chemicals” are present in food, cosmetics, household products and even drinking water. A key aspect of PFAS products is that they can accumulate in the tissue of animals and humans and are not readily excreted. A recent study of over 200 chemicals in cosmetic products found that over half, about 52%, contained fluorine, an indication that they have PFAS or other “forever chemicals.” In particular, more water-proof formulas contain fluorine as PFAS compounds are used for their water-resistant qualities. Chia Chia Sun explains, “They are very bad for women because they are toxic and hormone disruptive. We will never use PFAS or other such chemicals in any of our formulations.” Damiva’s products are vegan and composed of plant butters and plant ingredients that are efficacious and found in nature. Damiva’s patented products are also water-free, which enables the creation of shelf-stable products that do not require chemical preservatives and stabilizers. As Annette Garcea, Health and Wellness Lead at Damiva, points out in her video, “To us, that means that with healthier products, we can live a healthier lifestyle!” Chia Chia Sun