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Natural Ways to Reduce Symptoms of Menopause

    Here are some natural tips that’ll help you for perimenopause and menopause.

    Menopause does not have to be a time of pain and suffering. You can manage your symptoms of menopause naturally and protect your health.

    How can you do this? First off, maintain a moderate weight. Clean up your diet. Avoid trigger foods. Trigger foods can aggravate hot flashes. For instance, spicy foods can make you go through that heat. Go chemical free. You wanna make sure you are not being exposed to chemicals and toxins through the foods you eat. The products you put on your skin, your beauty products, for instance, moisturizers contain a lot of chemicals. It’s really difficult to find an a hundred percent all natural.

    You also want to make sure that your environment is clean and free from chemicals because you may be ingesting something from your environment that’s affecting your hormones. Exercise regularly. Exercise has been proven to help with symptoms in the menopause transition. Phytoestrogens. These are estrogens that are found in plant steriles and so they’re natural and can be beneficial. For instance, there’s soy isoflavones you could find in soy products and flax seeds. Flax seeds is another phytoestrogen amongst many others. Drink water. Make sure you stay hydrated.

    Also, you can try supplements and herbs that may help you during this time. For instance, I would suggest black cohosh, if you’re experiencing hot flashes and there are many others that can help for different symptoms. You should also do a detox. You want to take care of yourself by trying a detox and you can do this by going for a sauna and sweating and drinking lots to hydrate. Then you could do a juice fast or you can take some supplements that help influence the detox and make sure that you’re more conscious that you’re not ingesting the chemicals that you may have been in the past through processed foods, through for instance hormones in meats that aren’t organic.

    Lastly, really important to heal your gut. So if you are having gut issues, issues with digestion, there may be something called a leaky gut syndrome, where there’s perforations in the lining of your intestines and, you know, stuff is getting through that shouldn’t get through.

    So, how do you heal your gut? Well, there’s a whole protocol I write about and I talk about in another video. But most of all, you have to stay away from trigger foods that cause inflammation and cause these perforations and start to really look at what you’re ingesting. Be stress free and really take a look and maybe see a naturopath who can guide you in ways to heal your gut.

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