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Menopause & Bloating: Causes & How To Beat The Bloat

    What are the best things to do for bloating in menopause?

    In menopause, bloating is common and it’s really uncomfortable starting from early perimenopause, it can happen anytime and surprise, surprise, has a lot to do with your hormones. What is bloating in menopause?

    First off, there’s a difference between menopause, bloating and menopause weight gain. They’re both common side effects of menopause, but bloating is a tight swollen. Uncomfortable feeling around your stomach? That’s likely to come and go, even throughout the day.

    So what’s causing your bloating? There’s two different kinds of bloating during menopause. You can have excess gas or excess fluid, which can be responsible for menopause weight gain from bloating. You might find that bloating comes and goes, and it gets worse after certain meals or certain situations.

    One thing for sure, whether water retention or trapped wind is the issue, it’s uncomfortable. Both kinds of bloating are caused by hormonal imbalances. During menopause, high levels of estrogen can lead to water retention because your kidneys aren’t functioning and quite as efficiently as they normally would.

    So what can you do about this? The best prevention and relief are staying hydrated. While water retention leads to bloating. Hydration keeps the gastrointestinal tract moving smoothly. Exercise regularly. Avoid trigger foods and avoid carbonated beverages. Trigger foods would be things that you’re sensitive to and create inflammation in your body. So also avoid chewing gum. You can easily swallow air while you chew gum. Quit smoking. Reduce your salt intake. Include probiotics in your diet!

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