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Painful Sex Postpartum: The Causes & How To Help

    Sex after pregnancy hurts. When does the pain go away and what can I do to help?

    This is known as dyspareunia, which is a recurrent pain that is often located in the genital area and may occur before, during and after sexual activity. This pain might come on as a result of the way your body changes during pregnancy. It can also be a result of STI’s or sexually transmitted infections, vaginal dryness due to birth control, stress, and in the transitions of life like menopause from a decline in hormones.

    So what can you do? Luckily, there are things you can do at home or we can do to help dyspareunia during pregnancy and postpartum. First of all, yoga. Simple stretches like child’s pose, happy baby along with diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor relaxation could go a long way. Learn more in my other videos for pelvic floor care. Awareness of the breath and learning to let go is helpful also with any clenching in anticipation of pain.

    Secondly, pelvic floor massages and the trigger point release method using your finger a pelvic wand, or a ball can also help your symptoms as well. Pelvic wands and things called miracle balls are available online for purchase. However, I would not advise using these during your pregnancy.

    Third, using a vaginal or labial moisturizer can help with dryness and scarring you may have from birthing. Make sure that it’s 100% all natural and chemical free. My favorites are Mae and Cleo from Damiva. They’re absolutely decadent.

    Most products out there contain water, making them not chemical-free and the added chemicals will disrupt your hormone balance even more. Mae and Cleo are made from emollient plant butters only. Lastly, you can see a pelvic floor therapist during and after pregnancy to help with dysparemia.

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