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Why Is Your Moisturizer More Expensive Than A Bottle Of Water?

    Hey, look at what I’ve got here. A bottle of water and a luxury moisturizer.

    The water is 500 milliliters and the moisturizer is 40 milliliters. The water bottle is obviously filled with all water, and the moisturizer is mainly water too. If you look at the label, water is the first ingredient. This means that it’s mostly what’s in it.

    If it’s a surprise for you that water is the main ingredient, let me tell you a little known secret of the skin care industry. Most creams, lubes, moisturizers, lotions, et cetera consist of up to 95% water, some even more.

    This water costs $0.29 and this moisturizer costs $56. If this water bottle was priced like the lotion it would cost $700.00. Wow, quite a lot given its mostly water. Hmm.

    So, why is the moisturizer so expensive? Is it because the remaining ingredients are so good and so expensive? Actually quite the opposite. The synthetic chemicals they put in as preservatives are cheap and crappy for your health and skin. They put these cheap preservatives to counteract the cheap water they put in the 1st place because water allows bacteria and other things to grow in the product.

    And these toxins called preservatives help against these bacteria like chlorine does in a swimming pool. Ohh yes. And they put in a very little dash of some good ingredient that helps them market it to you like Shea butter or argan oil. But that’s just a tiny dash. Would it not make more sense to make a product only out of these good ingredients? Instead of water, chemicals and a tiny dash.

    So, next time you think to buy a lotion, don’t let them fool you with this chemicalized water. Go for water-free products. They’re better and you don’t get duped.

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