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The Truth About Water In Your Skincare Products

    Do you know what the most common bad ingredient is in topical products, cosmetics, and lubricants? If your answer is water, you’re correct.

    You might think, hey, water is not a chemical. But here’s the gist. If you put water in a product, bacteria will surely grow. Think about how you can create a sourdough starter out of yeast in the air, sugar and water. There are organisms everywhere in our environment, so when you see this water in a product you know already they need to put chemicals in as well to fight the bacteria that would grow in the product.

    And these chemicals are bad for your health. They are hormone disrupters. We will go over them one by one in the following videos. Back to our topic though, water is used as a solvent to dissolve ingredients and also as an emulsion for creams and lotions.

    Typically, water will comprise up to 95% of the ingredients in your products. However, the water itself can be very different from what you think it does. Do you think that using a product for moisturizing your skin with water as an ingredient will help? Think again.

    Think about how your fingers look after you’ve been in the tub too long. If you’re using a product for hydration, water will have the opposite effect of drawing moisture out of your skin. All bacteria need water to grow, so if you’re product has water, it has chemical preservatives.

    Only water free topical products can be chemical free. If you’re anything like me and your health and feeling good as a woman are important to you, look for 100% all natural chemical free skin care and femcare and avoid all water based topical products.

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