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Why Alcohol Doesn’t Belong In Your Skincare

    What would you suggest to someone who has been searching for a good vaginal moisturizer? Vodka maybe? I can hear you think. Absurd, right? Why would you use alcohol on your vagina or even skin that is and feels very dehydrating?

    Yes, it’s totally absurd and it is correct. Alcohols are dehydrating, especially for lubricants. This is a mind boggling issue since lubricants are purchased to lubricate, not to do the opposite. However, most individuals are using alcohol without knowing because most cosmetics, shampoos, air conditioners, cleansers, toners and lubricants do contain alcohol.

    Alcohol can range from harsher like benzyl alcohol to gentler fatty alcohols such as cetyl alcohol, sterile alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol. However, we can count that at least one of these types of alcohols can be found inside the products you use every day. But they’re all have the following in common. They create havoc by stripping skin of natural protective oils, drying irritating and causing inflammation.

    And they are also environmental toxins. On an environmental side note, there are often made from palm oil, which is an unsustainable oil when alcohols are used in high concentrations. In these kinds of products, alcohol is actually deteriorate your skin’s protective barrier, which means your skin is no longer effective at keeping moisture in. It also stimulates oil production, which could lead to breakouts if your skin already produces too much oil.

    Check the label of your skin care and femcare products and stay away from them if they contain any alcohol. If you’re anything like me, use 100% all natural products which make a difference and actually moisturize, not dehydrate.

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