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How to Test Your “All Natural” Products

    Have you ever wondered if your supposedly all natural product is actually all natural? 

    Allow us to help you find clarity.

    The easiest way to test if your product is natural is to put it in the freezer. 

    Freezer? Why put it in the freezer?

    It’s simple. When you place an all natural product in the freezer, it will harden/freeze. It does this because there are no stabilizers – a.k.a chemicals – in the product.

    If on the other hand your product does not freeze or harden, maintaining its original consistency, it can not be all natural. 

    Let us explain. 

    In order for any product to maintain its intended consistency in all temperatures – hot or cold – it must contain chemical stabilizers. Think antifreeze; the stuff they put in windshield washer fluid to melt ice in colder climates. Believe it or not, many skincare products have chemicals in them that are not too far off! 

    These are not ingredients we want on our skin!

    Damiva products are 100% natural. There are absolutely zero chemicals. This means that the products are affected by temperature. 

    Our new products that come in sachets are Angie Hand Lotion and Cleo Labial Balm. These products come in sachets for many reasons, two of them being product control and convenience!

    If you like your product to be more of a serum – warm up the sachet in your hands before tearing it open! You’ll get the serum texture you’re looking for. 

    If you prefer a balm texture, toss your sachets in the freezer for a few minutes. This will get you the thicker consistency you’re looking for. 

    P.S. Damiva products are also water free! Removing water from our formulation keeps our product safe from bacteria with a 3 to 5 year shelf life!

    Any questions? We love talking about all things natural. Send us a message or sound off in the comments below.

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