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OK, So What’s In Angie? And Why?

    The ingredients in Angie are designed to nourish and moisturize. 

    Hyaluronic acid is mild and attracts water. Vitamin E is a natural preservative and this fat-soluble vitamin is an anti-oxidant that helps prevent cells from free radicals.

    Oils such as argan and apricot are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins.

    Plant butters such as shea and cocoa help provide a non-greasy, protective barrier to hold in moisture. 

    We formulated Angie to help nourish our hands by using only natural, vegan plant ingredients that work together to moisturize, provide a protective barrier.

    In addition, by the nature of Angie being completely water-free and chemical-free, and with a unique proprietary and patented formulation, Angie will help balance our skin’s pH and maintain the diversity of the skin biome and beneficial microbial environment.

    Ok, so what about the Angie + CBD?

    One of the reasons we decided to create a cannabidiol (CBD) version of Angie is the fact that our unique formulation of all natural ingredients acts extremely well to carry small molecules across the skin and into the bloodstream.

    In clinical testing, we were able to demonstrate that a topical formulation of our proprietary base with melatonin applied to the skin delivers a powerful dose of melatonin in the bloodstream. 

    Angie with CBD also provides a powerful effect, with the amount of CBD of approximately 100 mg per sachet, which is more than 15 times the industry’s average concentration for a topical product.

    Angie with CBD is well suited to any one who is looking for a hand lotion that provides a relaxing effect while moisturizing.

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