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Why You Should Be Using Hand Lotion – Meet Angie By Damiva

    Let me introduce you to Angie hand lotion.

    I really love this one. I will read some of the ingredients and they include cocoa butter, shea butter, kokum butter, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, barrage oil, apricot oil, vitamin E oil, sucrose, cocoa and sodium hyaluronic.

    It’s all natural. It was designed to maintain the skin’s acidic barrier so that you can use it and it won’t wash off your hands the first time you wash your hands. You can even use it as a protective barrier if you’re cleaning. We have a really unique formulation, and what this formulation does is it provides a barrier.

    It provides a barrier though, interestingly, not just from the emollient ingredient side, but also from the pH. Our skin actually has a lower pH than seven, so it’s considered acidic. This helps us protect ourselves from bacteria. And so it’s like a double barrier while at the same time, some of our other plant ingredients like the sodium hyaluronic, which is a salt of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring polysaccharide.

    The sodium hyaluronic still actually permeates into our skin. And that helps retain moisture. I’ve used a lot of expensive brands and I noticed that when I used them in the past they’re gone now. I noticed that my hands, when initially applying the lotion my hands would feel great, but then like in about 10 minutes, my hands would start to feel dry and I’d have to apply again and again. It seemed to just make my hands more dry. That’s because those products, as you know, contain chemicals which dehydrate our skin and then of course, disturb the pH levels and are worsen our skin over time.

    So actually this one contains no chemicals, no water, which is a way that you can easily test if there’s chemicals in a product. If a product contains water, then they have to put the chemicals in. Because the water feeds the bacteria.

    How much percent of plant butters are in Angie? So this product is majority plant butters in oils, which is really interesting and fantastic. A lot of companies will tout that they’re 20% shea butter, 10% shea butter, but you have to wonder what the remaining ingredients are. And they’re typically oils or chemical fillers. That’s not good.

    I’m gonna tell you something very interesting about some of our butters, which, you know, I learned as we were researching, developing the formula such as the argon oil and the shea nut butter. These butters are typically developed in countries where the collectives that create these butters are women led. For example, the argan oil is from Morocco typically, and argan oil has allowed an enabled women in Morocco to lead very independent lives and much more autonomous lives.

    So in formulating these products, making them, and having people buy them, we’re enabling these women led collectives, and women to have incomes. To exist and thrive. When before they, they didn’t have incomes.

    Another thing that is really great is putting Angie on your cuticles. My cuticles always sort of do that flake off dry sort of thing. My cuticles peel a little bit, they get dry and crack sometimes. I find it’s really great for my cuticles too because my cuticles are like the one aspect of my hands that are always dry.

    I have a story to tell about my friend. I asked her to pick some figs off of our fig tree and she went out into the garden and you know, the fig tree leaves brushed on her arm and on her hands as she was picking the figs. And the leaves actually react with the sunlight and they have, I guess it’s a protective mechanism of the tree of the leaves itself. She got this irritation in the areas where the leaves touched her skin. It was irritated. It was red and swollen. And so I gave her some of the product, some of Angie, to try. Immediately the irritation went down, the itching and redness. She had itching, so that decreased. Within about 10 minutes she had relief, even maybe less. The next day she came and she wanted Angie!

    I think probably what happened was that the plant butters probably helped neutralize, you know, the toxins absolutely on her arms. And also probably what happened is that you know, the plant butters gave her a bit of a barrier against the toxins spreading.

    Now for me, I will share a personal story. I was recommended by my doctor, my hormone doctor, she suggested because I have some nodes on my thyroid and on my breasts that I apply iodine, just a drop. And I love to use Angie, it’s a completely all natural product. I don’t want any chemicals or anything that I’m applying to these areas because I already have an issue there. And I want these nodes to, to shrink and not get worse. So I use Angie as that carrier, I just mix in a little bit on my palm, add the drop of the iodine, and then I rub it onto my thyroid. Then I’ll rub it onto my breast area where I have the nodes.

    Now, back to Angie! The back of the box contains the trust badges. This is really important to us. Being 100% all natural, chemical-free, water-free, non-toxic packaging, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, phthalate and paraben-free, for all skin types, and of course made by women for women. I also like that we have the CBD version. Angie is the most concentrated CBD. By that we have the highest concentration of CBD on the market for a hand lotion.

    Now for the non-toxic packaging. I think it’s really important to talk about our sachets. Angie comes in 30 sachet pack and 15 sachet pack as well. This means 15 individual sachets or 30 individual sachets. And our non-toxic packaging is due to the fact that we have a liner inside of the sachets that helps protect the plant butters. So you don’t get any leeching of any chemicals into the product that you’re applying to your skin. And they are of course, super convenient. I always have one in my purse!

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