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Important: Here’s Why You Need To Put Your Baby Moisturizer In The Freezer!

    Have you ever wondered if your all natural skincare or baby care product is actually truly all natural? 

    There are two easy ways to find out even if you don’t have a degree in chemistry.

    The first way to test if your baby product is natural, is to put it in the freezer overnight. If it does not freeze, it’s not all-natural.

    The second way is to check if the baby product contains water. If it does contain water, it is not all-natural.

    Here is why these two tests work. 

    1. First, the freezer test.

    This is an eye-opener, and here is how it works: Put your current baby skin or body lotion product in the freezer overnight…  

    When you take it out the next day and the product is NOT frozen, then it contains chemicals that prevent it from freezing… like chemicals in windshield wiper fluid! 

    And yes, these chemicals are BAD for your baby’s skin and your baby’s health….

    When you place a truly all-natural baby skincare product (aka chemical-free product) in the freezer, it WILL harden or freeze as it should.

    1. Second, the water-test.

    Take a quick look at the ingredient list. If you see “water”, “aqua”, “eau” or some “juice” then the baby product contains chemicals. 

    For the simple reason that the manufacturer must prevent the product from spoiling. 

    Just think of a bottle of water or orange juice. You have to use the water or orange juice within a few days of opening the bottle. Otherwise bacteria and all sorts of microorganisms will grow in it. To prevent this, one has to put in chemicals, that kill bacteria or prevent them from growing. Just like they have to put in a swimming pool. The problem is that what kills these microorganisms is also bad for you.

    So if your baby lotion does not pass the freezer test or the water-check, then it is NOT all-natural but contains bad chemicals. To help your baby’s skin look beautiful and healthy, choose baby safe, water-free products. Choosing water-free products means that there are no chemical preservatives that interfere with your baby’s health.

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