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Dryness During Menopause? Here’s What You Need To Know

    One of the biggest symptoms during menopause is dryness, which can affect the skin, eyes, mouth, vagina and more! So, let’s dive into why dryness is such a common symptom during the menopause and how it affects many areas of the body.

    But first, let’s look at the vagina. Because of hormonal changes, the vagina lining becomes thinner and drier and the vaginal secretions diminish. The vagina also becomes shorter and narrower, resulting in painful penetration. Vaginal dryness becomes even worse after menopause. You really start feeling different down there. Vaginal dryness affects 85% of women. Your skin and mucous membranes and your eyes can dry up too.

    So, I hope that gave you a little bit of an insight into all the different areas of our body that can actually be affected by falling oestrogen.

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