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What You Can Do To Treat Vaginal Dryness

    What are my best options for treating vaginal dryness?

    Are you in perimenopause, or maybe you’re postpartum, on birth control or in menopause?

    85% of women in menopause experience vaginal dryness. It’s inevitable, there’s no cure. It’s a natural transition that every woman is going to go through in their life. So what can we do to help?

    The first thing I can recommend is estrogen therapy, or a topical estrogen that you can apply or vaginal estrogen. Those are things you can consult with a menopause specialist. Estrogen begins to decline, and that’s the number one reason you’re experiencing dryness in your vagina. You’re experiencing dryness on your skin, your hair, everything’s drying out as we’re approaching or in menopause.

    Another way you can supplement these estrogens is with something called phytoestrogens, which are from plants. And these phytoestrogens can come in supplements or you can find them in some of the foods you eat. So soy for instance would have soy isoflavones which is a natural phytoestrogen and or you can pick up a supplement of that.

    And lastly we recommend Mae by Damiva to help with moisturizing and lubrication. The thing about may how it’s different than other moisturizers and lubes is it’s all natural. It’s chemical free, it’s made from plant butters and it has the right pH for the vaginal environment and that is so important so you can stave off any infections. If you’re prone to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis or other things, Mae is the product that keeps your pH in balance.

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