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First Time Using Cleo Labial Balm With CBD?

    First time using our Cleo CBD Labial Balm? We’ve put together this guide for you! When your order arrives, check out the following information:

    Dryness Sucks… Cleo Is Here To Help

    The soothing all-natural formulation of our labial balm unites powerful plant ingredients long revered for topical relief to hydrate dry, irritated, or inflamed skin. We have specially formulated our labial balm to soothe, moisturize, and help relieve irritation caused by bacterial vaginosis/vaginitis, hormonal change, menopause, an operation, and even breastfeeding. 

    Benefits of Cleo CBD Labial Balm

    Our labial balm contains 15 times the average CBD content of other topical creams along with various rich, nourishing butters and plant oils for all-day-long moisture. CBD (cannabidiol), along with Vitamin E, Apricot Oil, Borage Oil, Cocoa butter, and Hyaluronic Acid provides deep hydration and the highest level of absorption. Check out the full ingredient list here.

    Directions For Use

    The balm works quickly to soothe inflammation, encourage blood flow, and provide instant relief. To get started, follow these four simple steps:

    1. Wash your hands
    2. Open the Cleo CBD sachet
    3. Dispense a generous amount onto your finger. 
    4. Apply on your entire vulvar region for intensive relief and ultimate healing.

    You can use Cleo CBD Labial Balm daily before and after your everyday activities to protect, balance your pH, restore, and moisturize sensitive skin. Cleo’s all natural composition makes it suitable for long-term use. We recommend regular treatment to prevent dryness. We believe that moist tissues are strong tissues.

    Haven’t Used A Labial Balm Before? Here’s Why You Should

    As we age, the skin around the vagina can become thin and dry which can be extremely uncomfortable. Although this loss of labial skin moisture is more common among women who are going through menopause, it can affect younger women too. Prevention is always a good start, and that’s where Cleo CBD Labial Balm can help. At Damiva we focus on educating our consumers so they are empowered to take steps to prevent health issues like vaginal dryness on a daily basis with 100% all natural products that won’t harm them or the environment.

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