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Hormone Yoga | Yoga For Your Menstrual Cycle – Phase 3 (Ovulation)

    Welcome to Hormone Yoga for your Menstrual Cycle. This practice is for Phase 3 of your cycle – the Ovulation phase.

    In this phase we are at our peak, the ripened follicle bursts open and the egg is released into the Fallopian tube.  The egg, if fertilized will create new life.  The uterine lining continues to grow to prepare in case of fertilisation.

    This is the Full moon phase in the lunar cycle: we are bursting with energy, shining brightly, feeling great and irresistibly sexy.

    In our practice we enthusiastically celebrate the fullness of our potential to create, whether it be life, art, music, business, or a new project. In this part of your cycle you might do things you might not have the courage to do otherwise. You are feeling confident and have a natural high. Life is good.

    The goal of this yoga practice is to help you connect to your breath and build courage to take action in all areas of your life. This practice will leave you feeling even more energised, sexy, and wanting to celebrate life!

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