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Menopause Myths: Debunking Myth #3

    In this video, I’m going to be debunking one of the common myths of menopause. Get used to the mood swings. We definitely see an increase in mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and irritability. During this life stage, there are natural remedies for mood, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for hot flashes, sweats, and fiery outburst.

    Women going through menopause are also dealing with other challenges at this point in life, such as an empty nest, caring for their elderly parents or all sorts of other, um, relationship strains Due to the change, physically, their bodies are changing. There’s a loss of muscle mass and bone density and maybe gaining fat mass around the midsection. Physiological changes like vaginal dryness, decreased libido, and putting stress that puts stress on the relationship.

    Skin, hair, nails, other mucus membranes are drying out. Wrinkles come with a loss of hormones in aging and society’s so obsessed with youth and beauty and doesn’t help a woman’s sense of wellbeing in midlife. Also, poor sleep resulting from the hot flashes and night sweats can also cause mental and physical problems. Since all of these symptoms are happening at this stage in life, may make sure that you seek out remedies for your mood. You can take a look at bioidentical replacement therapy or hormone replacement therapy for the hot flashes, sweats, and other things that are affecting you. All these things can help improve your mood.

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