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The Most Common Nail Myths DEBUNKED

    We’re going to be busting the most common myths about your nails

    Did you know that the most of the myths surrounding nail growth is around supplements? People think they can take things and the nails will grow and blossom miraculously. Many nutritional supplements are promoted as nail builders but actually have little to do with your nails. 

    Gelatin, calcium, zinc… Forget about them and here’s why. 

    Look at gelatin since it’s made from animal hooves. Many people think it contains the proteins needed to build strong nails. In reality, gelatin is an incomplete protein. It lacks these sulfurous amino acids that give nails their strength. 

    Another myth is that calcium supplements will harden your nails, since your nails contain very little calcium. Taking calcium supplements will not actually enhance their growth or strength. 

    Do you know these ugly white spots on your nails that seem to appear out of nowhere? Have you been told as a kid, it’s because you’re deficient in zinc? Forget it, zinc has nothing to do with it. These spots are caused by injury to the nails. So instead think about what trauma has your nail endured. Taking an extra zinc supplement will not get rid of them. 

    Health and growth of nails is related to food, nutrition, and habits, so your diet and lifestyle matter. 

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