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8 Natural Supplements For Menopause

    Ladies, I often get asked if I should take natural supplements to treat my symptoms of menopause and what is my experience there?

    So yes, I have a lot of experience here with supplements for menopause. I’ve tried a number of different things, kind of like my body is my little experiment, and since no two women are like, there’s no one solution for for all women.

    1. Black Cohosh

    This was touted and has proven to help women with hot flashes. I had a lot of hot flashes and when taking black cohosh, I could see sometimes helping me and reduce the hot flashes but not completely getting rid of them.

    2. Flaxseed

    this is an excellent estrogen precursor and again because estrogen is declining we want to try to increase the estrogen and so taking flaxseed will help to ease the night sweats. And I have a great recipe for a That drink that I I was drinking daily sometimes, which included lemon, flaxseed and water and a date blended together and it was so delicious and it allowed me to have that the the benefits of the flaxseed.

    3. Calcium

    Calcium is another good supplement for preventing bone loss. 20% of a woman’s bone loss will happen in the menopause. That’s what statistics say. So you want to make sure you’re taking some calcium supplement or eating foods that contain a lot of calcium. Dairy products. For instance. I avoid dairy because I have an issue, a sensitivity with dairy. So eating leafy dark greens is another solution. Or fish with bones, that’s another source of calcium.

    4. Red Clover

    This is another popular precursor for estrogen.

    5. Vitamin D

    You can make sure you’re getting enough sunlight exposure during this time, or take a vitamin D supplement. This also help you with your immune system.

    6. Wild Yam

    Take this as a supplement. Eating all the wild yam in the world is not gonna get you enough progesterone. But if you take a wild yam supplement or wild yam cream I think these will help you get this sufficient progesterone you need to have in balance with the estrogen that you’re taking. That is super important the ratio.

    7. Ginseng

    Ginseng is great. Ginseng is a great mood booster and also has so many benefits. So I’m a big fan of ginseng. Love to take it also when my immune system is low to help boost it.

    8. St. John’s Wart

    This is a great herb to control mood swings and has been proven to help with depression.

    Those are just a few natural supplements to treat your symptoms as you’re going through the transition.

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