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NO PERIOD? What’s Going On?

    I’m 35 and I haven’t had a period in a year… What is going on?

    Many women don’t know what the symptoms of menopause are because it’s not talked about. I mean, sure, we know there’s hot flashes, but what are some of the other symptoms? The biggest sign that you’re entering menopause is irregularity of periods and changes to your flow.

    So for me, I had a 28 day regular. My flow was probably medium and when I went into perimenopause. Approaching menopause, my period started to change in that year from three weeks to six weeks and then back to three weeks. So, it’s almost like the period cycle shortened and then it increased or it missed a cycle and I had one in six weeks. That was really, really a big notification for me, a big sign for me. And I also had less blood flow. So that’s not the same for all women. I know my sister-in-law, she had such a heavy flow like she’s never had before, and she also had the irregularity, but the flow had increased. It. really is different for every women out there.

    The clinical definition of menopause is not having a period for one consecutive year. So you have this period of perimenopause moving up to when you stop your period, and then you have one year without your period and then on that one day that you have been for a year without a period, that is called menopause and everything past that, the next 20-30 forty years of your life is post menopause.

    I actually don’t really like that definition. For me personally, that period of perimenopause that I started to experience symptoms and changes that already felt like being in menopause. So for me, I think it’s not an adequate definition. Let me know what you think and I hope you like this video and please comment, please share with your friends, like and subscribe to our channel!

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