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The #1 Most Common Parenting Mistake

    Do you know what the #1 most common parenting mistake is? 

    It’s using and believing that the standard brands for baby balms, baby wipes, baby lotions, and baby powders are good and safe for your child. 

    Surprised? Sceptical? Let’s dive a bit deeper.

    Baby’s take in chemicals from their skin super fast, they absorb them like a sponge. 

    Studies show that infants have the highest level of urinary concentrations of parabens and BPA. Most brands are selling baby skin care products that are full of chemicals.

    Two examples: 

    First, baby powder from a very popular brand. The talc-based baby powder is linked to cancer because it contains asbestos, and exposure to asbestos is highly toxic when inhaled or ingested, as the fibers get trapped inside the body. 

    Second, baby lotions, balms, cremes and baby wipes. If they contain water as an ingredient, you can be sure that there are chemical preservatives inside. 

    Because without these toxic chemicals, bacteria and other microorganisms would grow in the product, because of the water. Just like a swimming pool, they need to put chemicals in, to stop these microorganisms from growing.

    Now the question is, how can you make sure you keep your baby safe and improve your parenting? 

    First, don’t just take skin and baby care products that contains chemicals just because everyone, maybe even your parents, took them.

    Your baby’s skin is delicate and easily irritated. The chemicals interfere with glandular activity and also disrupt baby’s hormone production.  

    In infants and children, these chemicals can be associated with developmental disorders, dysfunction of the immune system, learning problems as well as reproductive disorders. Some are proven to cause cancers.

    Instead, choose baby-safe, water-free products. Because products with water are full of chemicals. And we know what chemicals do to babies skin and babies health.

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