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What All Moms Need to Know About Baby’s Skin

    A baby’s skin is very different from adult skin. 

    For instance, baby’s skin is about 30% thinner and is still developing. 

    Your baby’s skin doesn’t have the acidic protective layer like adults do. This acidic layer forms over time as the skin microbiome forms, also called skin flora. Basically that’s billions of microorganisms on the skin. 

    It is more delicate, tender, and sensitive. Which means dirt, bacteria, and chemicals can easily penetrate through the immature barrier of a baby’s skin.

    Also, babies are not able to effectively retain water on the skin. This allows cracks to open and allergens and irritants to enter.

    Here is the thing. 

    Irritating and toxic chemicals are more easily absorbed by babies. These chemicals get absorbed by baby’s skin, enter the bloodstream and affect baby’s development and health.

    As a mom you touch, wipe, and apply something to your baby’s skin very often. Some may say almost ALL the time. That’s why even smaller amounts -which build up with every wipe and touch- matter. 

    Let’s take a look at how often.

    • How often do you clean and change their diaper? 8-12 times a day? 
    • How often do you wipe their mouths? Again, 10 times a day? 
    • What about cleaning their neck, arms, legs, hands? 10 times?

    That’s give or take 30 times you are touching, wiping, or applying something to your baby, per day. 

    If you are wiping your baby 30 times a day, that is 30 times you are putting toxic chemicals on your baby if you are not using chemical-free products.

    Chemicals in baby lotions, balms and wipes have been linked to a large variety of health issues, for instance:

    • Cancer
    • Weakening of the immune system
    • Development of asthma
    • Skin irritations like eczema
    • Endocrine disruption, i.e.when chemicals mimic & interfere with baby’s hormones
    • much much more. 

    Are you aware of what you apply on your baby’s skin? Does it contain harmful chemicals or is it chemical-free and baby-safe?

    When it comes to both you and your baby, this link between baby’s exposure to chemicals and development of severe health issues is probably not something that you want to overlook. 

    It is good advice for health-conscious mothers to take extra care of baby in the first 2 years of their life by choosing topical products that do not contain water. Water based products are full of chemicals to prevent the products from spoiling.

    Use baby-safe, water-free, chemical-free 100% natural products instead. And check if you should do a detox with your baby.

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