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Winter Skin Tips For Busy Moms

    The cold air during the winter months will strip your skin of natural moisture, leaving it dry, dull, and often flaky. That’s why it is essential to follow a good winter skincare routine to keep your skin looking fresh, nourished, and radiant. We totally understand that as a busy mom, you don’t always have the luxury of spending time in front of the mirror each morning or indulging in skincare treatments. But here’s the good news for all busy mama’s – a good skincare routine doesn’t need to be time-consuming! In fact, we believe that the less you put on your skin, the better it is for your overall skin health. So, take a look at our favourite winter skincare tips that you can easily incorporate into your busy routine to give your skin all the care and nourishment it deserves!

    1. Minimize damage to your skin

    From cleansers to makeup, women use a number of products on their skin daily. Most of these products contain chemicals and harsh ingredients that can actually damage your skin over time. This effect increases during wintertime. Do your skin a favour and minimize damage by:

    • Decreasing the amount of beauty products you use daily 
    • Using 100% natural and chemical free Damiva skin care products

    The best skincare products are those with all natural ingredients and no stabilizers, chemicals or water that won’t damage your skin after each use. Simplifying your skincare routine can truly work wonders for your skin in the long run.

    1. Moisturize for radiant skin

    When the weather gets colder, most of us are guilty of slathering on cream after cream in an effort to keep our skin soft and smooth. But even then, a lot of us deal with dry and flaky skin during wintertime. This is often due to the chemicals hiding in the products that you use that dehydrate your skin over time. However, after switching to all natural Damiva products, in order to make sure you’re moisturizing your skin effectively, follow these simple skincare tips:

    1. Exfoliate gently once a week

    A build-up of dry, dead skin during winter can cause your skin to become flaky and patchy. This kind of skin issue can’t be solved by moisturizing alone. You need to exfoliate your skin well to remove dead skin cells, leading to smoother, softer skin. 

    1. Don’t skip the SPF

    Make sure you take two minutes to apply and protect your skin before leaving the house! Even in winter, UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin. It’s important that you use sunscreen all year round.

    1. Nourish your way to gorgeous skin

    If you want gorgeous, glowing skin all winter long, load up on foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Here are some foods that can help restore your skin’s glow this winter: berries, beetroots, carrots, peaches, avocados, sweet potatoes, salmon, almonds, walnuts, and green leafy vegetables. Pack a box of fruits/nuts in your handbag or diaper bag for busy days so that you can eat on the go.

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