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Do Mom’s REALLY Know What They’re PUTTING On Their BABY’S SKIN?

    Are you really aware of what you are putting on your baby’s skin? 

    Let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of a  mom & baby 

    Baby eats. Baby burps and spits up. Baby reaches and cuddles. Baby coos and baby drools. Baby sleeps and baby moves. Baby poops and baby pees. Baby laughs and baby cries.

    And the cycle begins again. 

    Which is why baby gets their bottom cleaned, balmed or powdered. 

    Baby gets diapers changed

    Baby gets their mouth, face, and neck wiped after eating. 

    Baby gets bubble baths

    Baby gets a chewing ring and favorite pacifier and all the nice toys. 

    All in all it’s pretty safe to say baby gets wiped and balmed 40-50 times a day. And baby comes in touch with clothes and bedding for 18-20 hours a day. And baby comes in touch with mamas skin for 540 minutes a day. 

    540? Yes, let’s say you breastfeed your newborn  12 times for approx. 45 minutes. This also means that the most important stuff besides food, is what comes in contact with baby’s skin. 

    A baby’s skin is the largest developing organ, and absorbs things much faster than an adult’s skin. It’s 30% thinner. Can you guess which part of baby’s skin has the fastest absorption? 

    If you guessed their butt, then you’re correct. Particularly their anus. 

    Now just think about all the times you’ve cleaned that area with baby wipes after a dirty diaper –

    And every time you’ve wiped, you’ve also apply to baby’s skin the ingredients in the wipe. And then on top of that, think of all the creams and powders you apply to this area. 

    So… have you ever thought to check your baby’s products for harmful chemicals? 

    Baby wipes contain fragrances and other chemical preservatives like alcohols that dehydrate the skin and can cause damage to your baby’s developing body. 

    Baby creams contain water, which means that brands must put chemical preservatives inside the product to prevent it from spoiling. 

    Baby powders also contain fragrances, but the main ingredient is talc. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral, mined from the earth, composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. When in its natural form, it contains asbestos. 

    Asbestos is a silicate mineral used in insulation and makes materials fire-resistant with its heat-resistant and flexible fibers. Exposure to asbestos is highly toxic when inhaled or ingested, as the fibers get trapped inside the body. 

    Talc is categorized as a carcinogen, and named brands have this in their baby powder. Yes, SHOCKING, to say the least!

    Now, there’s no reason to freak about what you’ve applied to your baby in the past. What matters is how you can help your baby going forward, by being aware.

    There is a quick and easy way to check your baby’s topical products for chemicals. Just check the ingredients for water. If there is water, then you already know that there are chemical preservatives inside!

    So, the easiest thing if you want to go full baby-safe: use water-free products. Unlike water-based products, they can be made without chemicals that are harmful to babies. Water-free, chemical-free, is really the gold standard for mother and baby products like lotions, moisturizers, and wipes.

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