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Why Bubble Baths ARE NOT GOOD For Babies!

    What if I told you that the bubble baths you give your child are responsible for your baby’s skin problems? 

    Baby’s skin starts out perfect – but their skin barrier is fragile. That’s why how we cleanse our babies is important, especially in the first two years.

    The goal of giving your child a bath has a primary goal – to keep baby clean. 

    It’s necessary to keep your baby clean but the products you use should be gentle enough to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and also the flora of the skin that protects it from harmful bacteria.

    Sodium lauryl sulfate is a very cheap chemical used in detergents. This chemical was originally used for laundry detergents because it makes it nice and foamy and bubbly and clean. 

    Then, things took a turn and everything went south. Sulfates have become the most common foaming agents in baby shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths and even toothpaste. 

    So what does this chemical do to your baby? 

    Sulfates disrupt the natural oils that keep a baby’s skin healthy and working leading to skin damage and more prone to allergies. 

    Sulfates cause skin rashes, eczema, eye irritation, skin rash, hair loss, scalp issues similar to dandruff, and allergic reactions.

    Bad enough. But there’s more: Sulfates may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a manufacturing byproduct or just a trace contaminant that forms when common ingredients react once mixed together, which is linked to cancer. 

    They are a known skin irritant that is easily absorbed through your baby’s skin. Sulfates can also worsen skin reactions to other irritants in susceptible kids, so steer clear if your baby has sensitive skin or if allergies run in your family. 

    Is this something you want to expose your child too? Definitely not. 

    How can you avoid sulfates? 

    Opt for “sulfate-free” product labels and be on the lookout for this ingredient on your baby’s skincare product labels. 

    Fortunately, here’s a simple and quick way to reduce your levels of exposure to sulfates. 

    Switch to safe, water-free baby products because water free products can be the only ones  that don’t contain any chemical preservatives. All topical baby products made with water are full of chemicals.

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