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You Use This Chemical 8,000 Times On Your Baby!

    Have you ever tried to estimate how many baby wipes you will need for a diaper change

    It’s probably 1 wipe for business no 1 diaper (wet diaper) and up to 10 baby wipes for business no 2 diaper (aka a fully loaded diaper).

    On average a baby will use up to 8,000 baby wipes in their first year. Since the wipes are soaked in some fluid, you apply this fluid 8,000 times onto your baby in the first year. This does not count the times you wipe other body parts of your baby…

    8,000 times sounds like a lot and also like a good reason to take a good look at what you apply to baby and if that is ok for baby!

    To cut through the crap (no pun intended)…. With normal baby wet wipes you apply harmful chemicals 8,000 times a year. The chemicals may vary from brand to brand, but with the current way of making the wipes, they will add chemicals that are not good for baby.

    One particular example are so-called PEGs (Polyethylene Glycol). Did you know that PEGs are used in windshield wiper fluid and as antifreeze to de-ice airplanes? Would you put this on your own skin on a daily basis? How could that be safe for your child? 

    PEG’s are used to “help” to moisturize, keep products stable, and enhance the penetration of other ingredients. 

    The problem for your baby is… PEG’s are a known endocrine disruptor and irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, they help traffic through all sorts of chemicals they may be contaminated with across their epidermis. The major issue with PEG is that ethylene oxide is used in its production-ethylene oxide is a toxic gas that has been linked to cancer.

    This connection between PEGs, cancer and skin irritation on one side and also the link between conventional wet wipes and chemicals is probably something you don’t want to miss. So, how can you protect your baby? PEGs are not only in wipes, but can also be found in moisturizers, balms and lotions. 

    The easiest thing if you want to go full baby-safe: use water-free products. Unlike water-based products, they can be made without nasty chemicals. Water-free, chemical-free is really the gold standard for mother and baby products like lotions, moisturizers, wipes, etc.

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