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How To Do A Baby Detox

    Have you ever wondered why babies are more vulnerable to the effects of toxins? Well it’s pretty simple. They’re still developing both inside and out. 

    Especially their immune system and organs – all chemicals may interfere with those processes and are responsible for the development of asthma, eczema, decreased IQ, ADHD, and other behavioral issues. 

    And there’s no doubt that they have come in contact with a lot of toxins already:

    From everything that goes INTO their body, like food. They also crawl on the floor and put many things in their mouths, exposing them to more chemicals than adults.

    Everything that goes ON their body, like creams,  lotions, wipes,  and soaps – especially since your baby’s skin is so delicate and absorbs these toxins more easily than an adult. 

    And everything that is AROUND  them: Babies breathe more often – for example: at 6 months, babies breathe about 25 to 40 times per minute where an adult takes about 12 to 20 breaths per minute. Babies also breathe more deeply and consume more food and water per pound than adults, increasing their exposure risk to toxic chemicals in the environment.

    When it comes to the health of you and your child, chances are this is not something you want to ignore. So, how can you do the baby detox?

    The first step is to check all your baby’s topical products for this ingredient – WATER. If there is water in the baby lotion, there are chemicals to prevent it from spoiling. Just think of a bottle of water or orange juice. You have to drink the water within a few days of opening the bottle. Orange juice even faster.

    Here are the steps for a baby detox:

    1. Check all products that come in touch with baby’s skin. If there is water as an ingredient, then don’t use it: because it will have chemicals.
    2. Check your fridge and baby food for pesticides
    3. Avoid carpets for crawling babies 
    4. Check clothing & furniture for flame-retardants
    5. Put baby to sleep on a healthy bed
    6. Watch what you clean your home with 
    7. Wash your baby naturally
    8. Be aware of the makeup you have on while breastfeeding
    9. Avoid processed foods
    10. Check your local water for pollutants

    For a detailed description how to do the baby detox and more tips on how to avoid chemicals that are bad for baby, download and follow our 10 Day Baby Detox Guide. 

    This guide should help reduce exposure to harmful chemicals for both you and your baby. 

    Also be sure to switch to baby-safe, water-free, 100% natural products. Remember that all water-based products are full of chemicals. And we know what chemicals do to our babies.

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