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No Orgasm After Menopause? Here’s What To Do

    Hey ladies, you might be wondering why you’re getting a diminished sensation “down there”.

    So first of all, there’s a number of things happening when you’re approaching menopause: the decrease in your sex hormones, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone amongst other hormones, they’re starting to really through perimenopause fluctuate and then as you approach menopause decline.

    And that’s going to really affect and create some physiological changes in your body, which are. Inevitable. And one of those hormones that really affect the the diminished sensation is testosterone.

    So if your testosterone levels are declining, you might notice it’s more difficult to maintain muscle mass. Maybe your hair is falling out. And so the other thing too is you get less sensation so the clitoris, which is the sexual organ on the woman, is less sensitive due to hormone losses, and also a decrease in blood flow as we start to age and blood flow also decreases.

    So what can you do about this? Educate yourself, maybe see what kind of things you can take to replace the lost testosterone. Actually exercising actually helps to naturally boost testosterone in your body. Certain foods are precursors for testosterone. One herb that I particularly like is maca root and this is found in the Andes Mountains and it’s been harvested for a number of years, but this is an excellent way to help boost your testosterone naturally.

    And if that doesn’t work, you can try bioidentical hormones or hormone replacement for that testosterone loss. The other thing that would be really great is if you could be open with your partner about what is happening with these physiological changes so you both understand the differences and what you could do to help.

    The other thing that you can do to help with this diminished sensation is to use a labial moisturizer and a vaginal moisturizer. A lot of the products out there on the market are have chemicals and water, and I would avoid those. If they have water that means there’s chemicals in the products. So you want one that’s all natural plant butters and I really like the products by Damiva. Mae is a vaginal Suppository that can use to help with lubrication. Then there is Cleo. Cleo is for the external. labia and if you’re going to try and stimulate that area, it might be a little bit of Cleo that you could use to help with that.

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