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20x Your Orgasm!

    The goal of this video is to help you improve the strength of pelvic floor using speed work, which will also help intensify your orgasm!

    In this video you will:

    • Review the  7 step of a  kegel
    • Practice rhythmic contract and release kegels to music

    This video focuses on building strength and speed with your kegels. Once you can comfortably hold your kegel for a count of 10 and you can do this 10 times in a row, you have created the necessary endurance to move to the speed phase of your pelvic floor training.

    In this speed phase, we’ll be working the fast twitch fibers of the pelvic floor. These fibers have the biggest impact on strength of orgasm, so this is important. Work if you would like to see your orgasms improve some pointers before we start.

    Number one – know the seven steps by heart. We are still using the same seven steps to produce each contraction. However, our focus shifts to the speed at which the contractions are made.

    Number two – if you find the speed is too fast when you begin, start with slower, more focus contractions and releases and build up your speed over time.

    Number three – relax the rest of your body. The major support muscles while you’re making these contractions. I know that the first time I tried the seven step Kegel I noticed I was clenching my inner thighs and my hips as well. So make sure you’re not holding anywhere you shouldn’t.

    Number four – allow your pelvic floor to relax completely between each contraction. This is super important and is included as one of the seven steps.

    Number five – you could expect some soreness in your pelvic floor muscles, especially if you’re consistent consistently. Practicing this happens when you train any muscle in your body.

    OK, let’s start. Take a seat. If your knees are higher than your pelvic crest, elevate on a cushion. Rotate your thighs in back and apart. Settle your pelvis. Relax your body. Bring your awareness to your pelvic floor and breathe. As you inhale, feel the downward expansion. Exhale. Feel the subtle lift. Let’s do one contraction now to remind you of the seven steps.

    Number one. Settle and relax. Breathe.

    Number two. Squeeze your tailbone towards your pubic bone.

    Number three. Draw your sitting bones together.

    Number four. Lift the urogenital triangle.

    Number five. Squeeze your anus.

    Number six. Lift your perineum.

    Number seven. Squeeze your vagina. And now release.

    You’ve probably worked your endurance with holding the whole contraction up to five to 10 counts. Now we’ll start slowly with speed work, we’ll lift everything and we’ll let go of everything. Breathe in. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Just relax for a moment and breathe. Let’s try a second round.

    Make sure you’re fully lifting and letting go fully and not holding any tension elsewhere. OK, let’s go breathe in. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. Exhale. Lift. Inhale. Let go. And just relax and breathe. Third round. Let’s speed it up. Contract release, contract release contract release. Contract release contract release. Contract release. Contract release. Contract release. Contract release. And release. OK, super. That was one set of 20. close your eyes.

    Now breathe in deeply and feel your pelvic floor riding your breath. You can practice three sets of 20 times to start with some deep breathing between the sets. Do the practices. Honor where you are and be patient with yourself. And remember, if you practice consistently you will see results and eventually reach your long term goals and this can change your life for the better.

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