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Why Can’t I Orgasm Anymore After Menopause?

    Why does the clitoris shrink and get less sensitive?

    The clitoris is possibly the most critical organ for female sexual health. It is a key to female orgasm. Let me explain why. The clitoris is a nub of spongy tissue at the front of the vagina. Much of the clitoris is internal with four inch roots that reach into the vagina.

    When sexually aroused the clitoris fills with blood and the bundle of nerves in the tissue becomes sensitive to touch. The nerves in the clitoris can produce intense sensations during sexual activity.

    So, what is clitoral atrophy? Clitoral atrophy occurs when the clitoris stops responding to sexual arousal, and no longer functions as it should. The clitoris can even disappear. This may be the result of a change in hormones or inadequate blood flow. A major shift in hormones such as menopause or starting hormonal birth control may be another. The loss of blood flow may be the result of infrequent use, so those who aren’t sexually active are more likely to experience clitoral atrophy.

    What can be done to help restore sensation and sexual function?

    Number one, have sex. Regular sexual activity can help your clitoris stay healthy and sensitive, and may help restore the feeling in the sensitive knob too.

    Number two, masturbation. This can help restore blood flow, which may boost sensation again, traditional. Stimulate the little clitoral tip visible in front of the vagina, leaving the rest of the clitoral structure untouched. Since clitoral atrophy makes the clitoral tip withdraw into the hood, it’s more difficult to reach with a vibrator. Clitoral suction toys are cli suckers. Send deep and resonant vibrations through your entire clitoral structure, even if the clitoral tip is hidden from plain view.

    Number three, use a vaginal and labial moisturizer that’s pH balanced and water-free, which means it’s chemical-free. This is especially important not only at any stage of your life, but now your hormones are declining or in flux, and you wanna hhave something that does not disrupt your hormones.

    Clitoral atrophy may also occur when your testosterone levels drop. Testosterone is responsible for your libido. The spongey tissue in the clitoris also needs the hormone for proper arousal. Try testosterone supplements or replacements. Testosterone supplements are often used as a treatment for clitoral atrophy as a cream, a pill, or injection. These options can help restore your testosterone, so your body is capable of producing an adequate sexual response.

    Clitoral atrophy is less common than vaginal atrophy. That condition occurs when there’s a drop in estrogen and causes the vaginal tissue to become dry, thin, and inflamed. When women enter menopause, many changes occur due to the loss of the hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and estrogen replacement will help with vaginal atrophy.

    Number four, get moving. You can also help increase blood flow with regular cardio exercise. Cardio exercise helps boost blood flow throughout the entire body. And what good for the body is good for the clitoris and vagina. Regular exercise can also keep testosterone levels from dipping.

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