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What You Need To Know About Testosterone & Menopause

    What does low testosterone levels mean in menopause?

    First, let’s talk about the causes of low testosterone in women. The main cause of low testosterone in women is natural aging. A woman’s testosterone levels decrease overtime, particularly in menopause, and women actually never produced as much testosterone, but it’s still such an important hormone.

    The symptoms of low testosterone or lower testosterone in women can be subtle and mimic other conditions like hypothyroidism, iron deficiency and anemia. While the exact mechanism is unclear, low testosterone in women has primarily been associated with a decreased libido and mood swings. That’s me. The signs of low testosterone women can be commonly misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety.

    Androgen, or testosterone deficiency in women, requires testing to determine blood hormone levels. For some women, the reduced amount of testosterone can cause upsetting symptoms such as not feeling like having sex, not getting aroused during sex, and problems having an orgasm. Therefore, sex becomes less pleasurable.

    Symptoms of low testosterone in women may result in decreased sexual desire, libido, decrease in sexual thoughts or fantasies, difficulty reaching orgasm, fatigue, lack of concentration, muscle weakness, reduced vaginal lubrication, lubrication, and thinning hair. Ladies, if you found this article helpful, and think you might have low testosterone, please get your hormone levels checked and there’s many things you can do to increase your testosterone levels.

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