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Baby Scratching Face: Why & How To Help

    There’s not much that compares to your beautiful baby’s face – especially when they are sleeping peacefully or when they are deep belly laughing. Their changing facial expression paired with their soft baby skin is honestly THE best. 

    So when a huge bleeding scratch suddenly appears right across your baby’s cheek, it can come as quite a shock. And once you realize that it came from their own fingernail? Cue all the terrible parenting feels. 

    You might be wondering… how could I have let my own baby’s fingernail get so razor sharp that it could actually draw blood? On their own face?!?!?!?!

    Well… relax. It’s actually pretty simple and happens more often than one might think.

    Babies are clumsy. Their arms and legs flail about, they don’t have control of their body, and it’s easy for them to hit themselves in the face. 

    So if one of their nails is too long, or is again a bit  razor sharp, there will no doubt be a scratch.

    If you notice your baby is scratching their face often then you should do your best to keep their fingernails cut smooth and short!

    “Cutting baby’s nails is SOOOO easy,” ….. said no parent ever. 

    It’s actually an art form that involves skill, precision, patience, and prayers for your baby not to move around. 

    Many new parents find it takes a team effort to cut their baby’s nails in the beginning. One tries to hold baby still while the other does all the hard work. 

    Other parents swear by doing it after a bath or before bedtime. 

    Another tip that I found helped me was to do the trim while my daughter slept in her stroller! 

    However, if your baby is constantly scratching themselves (for example – if they have eczema) you could grab a pair of scratch gloves to keep baby’s nails covered up.

    Now as much as you don’t like to see your baby with a scratch on their face, most small cuts and grazes can usually be treated at home. Simply clean with water and cover. Also, avoid using cotton pads as the fluff can get stuck in the scratch

    After the scratch has been cleaned, apply a baby-safe, water-free, chemical free moisturizer to keep scab moisturized and help heal faster. 

    The scratch will heal by itself in a matter of days and your baby’s face will go back to normal! Pheeewwwww.

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