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Can Menopause Cause Anxiety or Depression?

    Hey ladies, if you’re wondering can menopause cause anxiety or depression? Absolutely. There’s so many ways that menopause and approaching menopause, perimenopause affects mood and this is all a result of your hormones changing.

    First of all, you can have the fluctuation in perimenopause, the ups and downs and with that is going to be your mood, so you’re going to feel more stressful and anxious. And other times you’re going to feel sad and depressed and anything’s going to set you off with tears. And on top of it, what I felt really as well was this overwhelming rage at the slightest little thing. And I’m not a rageful person, but it just seemed that every little thing would trigger this rage monster in me. And I would snap, snap at my husband and. And everybody else in my family.

    So if you’re struggling with that, there are you know different things you can do to help your mood and and to help you with the anxiety, to help you with the sadness and to help you with the irritability and rage. So please like if you found this video helpful, subscribe to our channel and share with your friends.

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