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Menopause Myth: Debunking Myth #4

    In this article, we’re going to debunk another common myth of menopause: say goodbye to your body. Changes in your body often accompany the menopausal transition, but you can take action to mitigate the effects and empower yourself.

    Exercise can help since muscle mass decreases as we age. It’s important to intensify strength training during workout routines, even actually before you go into menopause. Your diet can also help. A naturopath can help you identify medical factors contributing to weight gain, including high insulin or an under active thyroid. They can also help develop strategies for improving your overall nutrition, such as eliminating inflammatory foods, incorporating more vegetables and healthy fats into your diet, limiting how much alcohol and caffeine you consume and reducing your consumption of sugar and processed foods.

    All of these can help improve your daytime energy and quality of sleep and can help you with your overall physique. So there you have it. Another myth debunked. If you like this article, please like share with someone it may help!

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