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What Is Induced Menopause?

    What is induced menopause?

    The term induced menopause describes menopause caused by a medical treatment, certain drugs and radiation therapies. For example, cancer treatment can damage the ovaries and cause menopause.

    Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and pelvic radiation therapy can significantly impact healthy ovarian function. The most common cause is the surgery due to a medical problem. There are two surgical procedures: a bilateral oophorectomy, removal of both ovaries and a total hysterectomy removal of the cervix and uterus, if it includes removal of both ovaries, immediately bring on menopause. Your doctor may refer to this as surgical menopause.

    A hysterectomy that involves only the removal of the uterus will not immediately result in menopause, even though fertility and menopause menstruation stops. Women who have surgical menopause do not experience perimenopause, however, they’ll likely experience the symptoms associated with that stage, such as hot flash and mood swings.

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